Making Your Old Family Recipes Paleo-Friendly: Dairy Products


For many people, cutting dairy products is perhaps the most cutting loss when they make the switch to the Paleo Diet. It’s easy to forget how much we use dairy products for every meal and snack until they aren’t there anymore. The loss of dairy products can be especially hard for the cooks at heart – but take heart food lovers, dairy products are the easiest products to replace on the Paleo Diet.

Butter is perhaps the most pressing ingredient for those who love to cook. It may seem to you like there is nothing that could possibly replace that all-so-important ingredient but guess what? There is! Bacon grease, coconut oil and olive oil all make more than capable replacements for butter. Not only do these options provide the same amount of fat, they are tastier and have high vitamin and nutritional value.

If you need to use milk in your family recipes, you can easily replace cow’s milk with coconut milk or almond milk. Both options are almost identical to cow’s milk but they both have a stronger nutritional benefit than that of cow’s milk.

Coconut milk will probably be your go-to diary product replacement. Not only can you use it for yogurt, you can add a variety of other ingredients to create the consistency and taste you need to substitute for key dairy ingredients in your family recipe. For whipped cream, you can chill the coconut milk and add either orange zest or a drop of honey. The flavor is not exactly the same but it will do the trick. For sour cream, you only need to add as many drops as lemon juice to coconut milk to give the right flavor you need for your dish.

As you can see, going Paleo doesn’t mean you have to give up your old family recipes. All you need to use is some creativity and what you know about flavor and consistency to keep your recipes as tasty as before but healthier than ever. Paleo offers you the best of both worlds as you take this big step in taking back your life and getting healthy once and for all. Paleo doesn’t have to be bland and strict – it can be as flavorful and zesty as you make it!